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Seven Days and Seven Nights by alexander szegedy

Seven Days and Seven Nights

by alexander szegedy

481 pages
Author liberated by Soviet Troops at the end of WWII. Disillusioned, he turns against the communist oppressors.

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Category: Autobiography
About the Book
A young Jewish escapee from forced labor camp, while hiding with Christian relatives, eagerly awaits the liberating Soviet Army at the end of WWII in Budapest, Hungary.

But as the euphoria subsides, he turns against his liberators, goes underground against the Marxist tyranny, becomes a secret reporter for Radio Free Europe.

During his metamorphosis he encounters intrigue, love, execution, suicide, the cruelty of the Hungarian Secret Police and much more. The title of the book refers to the fact that while the author was in the hands of the Hungarian Communist Secret Police, he was interrogated without any sleep for SEVEN DAYS AND SEVEN NIGHTS.



About the Author
The author was born soon after WWI. He received his doctoral degrees in law and political science in Budapest, Hungary and studied in the United States on a scholarship at Harvard University. During the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 he was freed as a political prisoner and arrived in January 1957 as a refugee to the United States. He lives in Florida as a retired manufacturer.



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