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by Diane S. Craver

108 pages
Uplifting advice is given for parents of special-needs babies.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book

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If you have recently given birth to a baby with special needs or know someone who has, buy this book. Because of the short length, parents will actually have time to read CELEBRATING AND CARING FOR YOUR BABY WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Many uplifting tips and advice are given to help parents through the early months of this stressful time.

Diane writes from the perspective of her own experience as the mother of two children with Down syndrome. With deep depression the second time, she learned how to overcome her sadness in having another child with special needs. She gives insight into what worked for her so that other parents can cope with challenges during this emotional time and in the end, will feel blessed.

Diane's topics include practical advice about the following: parenting, grieving for the child you didn't have, celebrating your baby's life, your self-esteem, fun things, and concerns about talking to others about your baby's handicap. Activities and toys used to stimulate early development that Diane found helpful in working with her daughter, Amanda, are also covered.

The book ends with a resource chapter for various disabilities and includes the following: financial organizations to assist you in caring for your child's medical needs, fun groups that are low cost, and a great listing of books to aid parents in helping their child to reach his or her full emotional and intellectual potential.


After reading this book, I can honestly say Diane Craver speaks from the heart about the good and bad moments she has experienced with her family throughout her children's lives. Sharing her own story is her GREATEST gift, and Diane's strength will certainly help those of us who are struggling with mixed emotions about the birth of a child who has special needs. Diane's energy is depicted through the many creative activities listed in Chapter's Six and Eight, and yet the blessings she discusses in Chapter Nine will guide any parent into knowing they are truly blessed with the love of their child! Reading this book will make you laugh, make you cry, and will be a comfort to you when you need it most!
- Lisa E. Davis
A Friend for Parents of Children with Special Needs


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About the Author
Diane S. Craver Diane is a freelance writer with several published articles and three other books. THE CHRISTMAS OF 1957 and HOW TO RUN A PROFTIABLE PRESCHOOL WITHOUT THE HASSLE, are also available at Booklocker. com. Diane graduated from Ohio State University. She is a wife and mother of six children.



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