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Consummatum Est (It Is Finished) by Nicholas Di Bello

Consummatum Est (It Is Finished)

by Nicholas Di Bello

296 pages
Conflicting desires between serving God or loving a woman.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book

For James Gabriel, the cross he bears spans a lifetime. We meet Jim at age five, when his famous circus father deserts his mother and him. Jim grows up in a single-parent home, poor but spirits strong.

At 18, he experiences the horrors of war, and Jim learns that although life is not an easy road, it is one he must travel.

Returning home from the war knowing that his sweetheart has fallen in love with his best friend, Jim turns to the church for comfort and solace. He enters the seminary and his mother is thrilled.

While on summer break, Jim meets Jennie, a young novice in the convent. They commit one serious mistake that alters the course of their lives forever.

Jim is forced to take up his cross once again, and through all the good he does, he continues to carry his silent cross, heavy on his shoulders, heavy on his heart.

Consummatum Est (It Is Finished) is a tragic love story ­ the love of a man for his country, his parents, his God, and the woman that cannot escape his thoughts. It is a story of revelation ­ that all men are capable of good, yet all men are equally capable of changing their lives through one moment of weakness.



About the Author
Nicholas Di Bello lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Joan. Nick spent 15 years in the military and a short time in the seminary, which becomes the fictional backdrop of Consummatum Est. He has been in the car-care business for 39 years.



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