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428 Moore by John Corsello

428 Moore

by John Corsello

160 pages
A combination of apocalyptic futurism and comedy.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book

On New Year's Day, 2035, an acerbic, disillusioned old man contemplates society's condition. America's economy is in shambles, drugs have been legalized, and in the aftermath, quarantined drug communities called Substance Abuse Centers have been created. Prostitution and euthanasia likewise are legal. A recently concluded, racially divisive Civil War threatens to geographically separtate the United States.

The old man's thoughts drift back to his youth and the 1960s, when his generation - the so-called "Woodstock Generation" -was widely involved in grass roots demonstrations and idealistic notions of making the world a better place.

John Corsello's depiction of a depressed, battered America is stark and frighteningly viable, but is offset by the hilarity of '60s South Philadelphia and coming of age at time when theater of the absurd eclipsed the Broadway stage. 428 Moore successfully marries two seemingly mutually exclusive genres - apocalyptic futurism and comedy.



About the Author
John Corsello was born and raised in South Philadelphia. He's lived in New York City and Amsterdam, and has traveled extensively thoughout Europe. He's currently a college professor and public administrator. 428 Moore is his first novel. He's married, and resides in suburban Philadelphia.



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