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How to Plan and Market Any Home-Based Business To Guaranteed Success by stephen hughes

How to Plan and Market Any Home-Based Business To Guaranteed Success

by stephen hughes

118 pages
This interactive e-Workbook will lead the owner of any home-based business through a detailed review of his/her business, in order to improve its performance.

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About the Book
Most home-based businesses are owned by people who have no training or experience in business mangagement. So how can they expect to be experts in the key business skills of Planning and Marketing? Also, operating a home-based business can be lonely, with nobody to turn to for help.

This interactive Workbook is the ideal solution to both of those common problems. It will lead you through a detailed review of of your home-based business, and also help you to produce a exciting Strategic Plan to drive it forward to greater success.

The e-Workwook uses a unique user-friendly question and answer style, supported by helpful comment, practical advice and many constructive suggestions. It is written in simple, jargon-free language.

It follows the Author's proven successful techniques in conducting strategic reviews of many different types and sizes of business over the past 25 years. Those techniques have been specially adapted here for the special needs of the home-based business owner.

This e-Workbook is equally effective for any new or established business of any kind, both offline and online. It will highlight the key issues in your business, and help you to define effective future strategy appropriate to your current circumstances and business ambitions.

In addition, it will:

Focus your attention on your customers.

Give you a better understanding of your products and markets.

Give your business postive purpose and direction.

Give you better understanding of the issues that determine your profits and earnings.

Help you to avoid the many pitfall and problems that are common in a home-based business.

... and much more.

The e-Workbook is supported with an outstanding package of FREE BONUSES. They include:

1. FREE unique software for calculating your Financial Projections in only a few minutes.

2. FREE e-mail consultancy support to overcome any specific problems you may face while working through the Workbook.

3. FREE subscription to the smestrategy newsletter.

4. FREE updates.

5. A 90 days no-quibble satisfaction guarantee.

This is NOT a book of marketing theory, nor is it a cozy read. It is an exciting business tool that can transform the performance of any home-based business.



About the Author
stephen hughes Stephen Hughes Dip.M. has been a successful independent Business Consultant since 1985, specializing in Planning, Marketing and Training services for small businesses. Before that he was a Marketing Planning specialist in industry. Being home-based, he as a special knowledge and understanding of operating a home-based business.



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