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How To Produce A Dynamic Marketing Plan by stephen hughes

How To Produce A Dynamic Marketing Plan

by stephen hughes

135 pages
This unique Workbook will lead you through the sequence of producing your own dynamic Marketing Plan through questions and answers, comment, practical advice, and helpful suggestions.

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About the Book
In this interactive e-Workbook, the Author has harnessed his proven expertise and 40 years of "streetwise" experience in various countries, to create a user-friendly guide to producing a dynamic Marketing Plan for any small-to-medium sized (sme) business.

The e-Workbook uses a unique question and answer technique, supported by helpful comments, practical advice, and many constructive suggestions.

It follows the Author's proven successful techniques for producing Marketing Plans in industry and consultancy projects over the past 25 years. In fact, a hard-print version of the Workbook was tested thoroughly in consultancy projects before publication.

The feedback from one consultancy Client, the Managing Director of a medium-sized plastics manufacturer, was "It has highlighted the key issues in our business. It has also made me realize that we have been firing as a loose cannon for the past couple of years."

A group of engineering companies distributed this Workbook to all its Sales and Marketing Managers throughout the group, and were very pleased with the high standard of the Marketing Plans that were produced.

Having an effective Marketing Plan will:

a. focus attention on your customers.

b. identify the key issues in your business.

c. give your business a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

d. enable your actual performance to be measured against your objectives.

e. give early warning if corrective action is needed.

This e-Workbook will give you all those benefits, and more, for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a specialist consultant.

The e-Workbook is supported with an outstanding package of FREE BONUSES. They include:

1. FREE "Profit Plan" software for calculating financial projections in only a few minutes.

2. FREE e-mail consultancy support to overcome any specific problems you may face while producing your Marketing Plan.

3. FREE subscription to the smestrategy newsletter.

4. FREE Updates.

5. A 90 days no-quibble satisfaction guarantee.

This is NOT a book of marketing theory, nor is it a cozy read. It is an exciting business tool that can transform the performance of your business.



About the Author
stephen hughes Stephen Hughes DipM. has been at the sharp-end of sales and marketing for 40 years, and has specialized in producing Marketing Plans for 25 years. Since 1985 he has been a successful independent Business Consultant, providing planning, marketing and training services to small-to-medium sized businesses.



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