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The New Writer's Guide to Just About Everything by Sherry D. Ramsey

The New Writer's Guide to Just About Everything

by Sherry D. Ramsey

115 pages
Practical advice and techniques for new writers to help get your writing career off to a promising and professional start. Packed with tips, recommendations, prompts, links and quizzes.

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Category: Writing:Tools
About the Book
As a new writer, you have lots of questions. The New Writer's Guide to Just About Everything aims to provide answers. It covers a lot of writing ground, in the form of short articles on a wide range of topics, distilled down to the most basic advice. Advice on developing ideas, the craft of writing, techniques for editing, basic rules for submitting your work, and even a little bit of philosophy about writing, for good measure.

Most of the articles end with a "Do it!" prompt, so you can work on applying what you just read right away. In addition to more than fifty articles, there's a writer's quiz, a glossary of writing terms, a new writer's FAQ, recommendations of books, software and websites, and fifty creative writing prompts to get your creativity flowing. And, as a bonus, a guide to conducting your own personal workshop to improve your fiction manuscript.

Throughout the book you'll find many hyperlinks to outside sources, as well as notations indicating writing terms that you'll find explained in the Glossary.

After you've read the articles and reviewed your work in light of their information, you'll probably discover you need extra help on one or two topics. That's when to invest your time and money in longer, in-depth how-to works. You have to find out what you don't know first!

New writers don't have it easy. It's a big world of authors and publishers and editors and agents out there. But The New Writer's Guide... will make your foray into that world a little easier, a little more fun, and a lot more productive. So get reading...and then get writing!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Guide to anyone considering writing as a profession or a hobby as a sound investment. A definite should-have book!
- Mary Emmons, Senior Reviewer for eBook Reviews Weekly



About the Author
Sherry D. Ramsey Canadian writer Sherry D. Ramsey's first writing love is speculative fiction, and her short fiction works have appeared in print and online. The New Writer's Guide... grew from her experiences editing and publishing The Scriptorium, a monthly online magazine offering a wide variety of resources to help beginning writers get started on their writing careers.



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