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Warning by Art Greenfield


by Art Greenfield

492 pages
History of alien interference with humanity, and a beneficial solution.

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Category: History
About the Book

This book reveals a frightening alien agenda; a long-term program of unseen social domination and controlled periodic genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. It requires international solidarity among nations, and forcible negotiation with the aliens. A very basic need of the aliens has effected humanity to varying degrees since the dawn of man. Periodically it has a devastating impact on us. We are now aware the aliens cause the problem, and we can take action to change it.

As you read the facts, theories, and hypothetical illustrative situations and solutions in this book, you will realize the problem we face can be overcome. The solution requires a great effort on a vast scale to bring the human race to a state of great strength and readiness.

We keep hearing about aliens, alien abductions, UFOs, and government cover-ups. When the author looked into this situation, he found out the human race was in mortal danger, primarily because we have become aware of this problem from above. The danger arises from our having discovered how the aliens have been using us, and the aliens knowing that we know, and them knowing that we now have a limited capacity to do something about it. Previously we did not have to be strong to survive in a closed system. Now that we are a threat, we have to get very strong to face down those aliens that have been taking advantage of our weakness and ignorance. There are elements of the US government and military that know exactly what the situation has been, and what is coming. But they cannot tell you because it is all VERY BAD NEWS. It would devastate society. Not telling us for the last fifty years was the right thing to do.

In this book the whole truth is disclosed from current information and historical sources. The author was able to find a way the alien problem could be solved to humanity's benefit, and included the solution in this book. In 2001, the author's wife was abducted by aliens. She was taken right out of their bed in the middle of the night. That experience motivated the author to find a solution to the alien problem instead of just exposing it in his book as he had originally planned. It was just a matter of solving the problem by thinking of the alien's as customers with needs, and then finding a means of fulfilling their needs that benefited both them and us. The author knew that a big problem required a big solution. That means everyone must participate in changing things. The truth will incite humanity to take action for self-preservation. This is real.



About the Author
Art Greenfield is a retired businessman. For his book Art did ten years research into why aliens are interacting with humanity. In 2001, Art's wife was abducted by aliens, motivating him to find a solution to the alien problem instead of just exposing it in his book as originally planned.



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