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The Islamization of America; The Islamic Strategies and The Christian Response by Abdullah Al Araby

The Islamization of America; The Islamic Strategies and The Christian Response

by Abdullah Al Araby

140 pages
How to block the Islamic strategies for Islamizing America.

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Category: Politics
About the Book

After the collapse of Communism, almost everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Many thought that all threats to the American way of life had finally vanished. Then, came in the sad events of 9/11/01 which proved our hopes were just wishful thinking.

Currently, there is another force that is subtly working inside of America to abolish our Judeo-Christian culture. This movement is far more malignant than Communism could have ever been. The movement is Islam which is determined to Islamize our nation. It poses a much more realistic threat, because we naively believe the politically correct hype about Islam being a peaceful religion that is fed to us on the evening news. The fact is it is a religious as well as a political, economical and social system that demands rule over every aspect of life. Nothing goes untainted. Its optimum goal is a Religious-State government wherein Muslim clerics wield the authority to dictate our nation's economic, political, social, and foreign policies. Equipped with our military might, it will attempt to conquer the world

America has the militarily strength to defeat any country. Unfortunately, it is at a disadvantage when facing Islam. Muslim activists have learned how to manipulate us through our democratic laws and liberal immigration policies. We swung open our doors and they have launched an invasion that is undermining the very fabric of our civilization.

Today, a large army of Muslim activists is active in America and its soldiers are working fervently to achieve their goal. It is nothing less than converting Americans to Islam and turning it into an Islamic State. Sadly, in this battle, the most powerful nation on earth is losing ground.

"The Islamization of America" unveils the Islamic strategies for the Islamization of America. In an easy to read style, it will give you valuable insights into the true nature of Islam. You will discover the doctrines of Muslim Law that the activists avoid mentioning as they present Islam as a religion of peace. You will discover that Mohammed instilled an expansionist mentality into the Quran from Islam's inception in 610AD. You will be alarmed with the realization that its teachings condone the use of sex, race, money, terror and lies to expand the influence of Islam. At the conclusion, it offers recommendations for a plan of action that can help thwart their goal.

"The Islamization of America" is not just another book about Islam. It is the author's cry that America needs an eye-opening, wake-up call. Everyone that understands the realities of the Islamic invasion bears the responsibility to do what they can to stop it. The stakes are high. Never forget, with limited resources the Muslims were able to conquer most of the known world between the 7th and 10th centuries. What will happen to the world if America becomes a Muslim country, and her might, wealth, technology, and resources fall into the hands of Muslims?



About the Author
Abdullah Al Araby is eminently qualified to address Islamic issues. His birth and education in an Arabic Muslim nation equips him to communicate the teachings of the Quran and classical literature that dictate Islamic Law. His book "Islam Unveiled" has been translated into 6 languages and is in its 10th printing.



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