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Santa, CEO by David Soubly

Santa, CEO

by David Soubly

465 pages
Kicked from his global empire, Santa fights to return.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book
Six thousand year old Santa Claus directs North Pole Industries (NPI), a worldwide business empire comprising sprawling factories, half a million flying reindeer in ranches around the world, thousands of stand-in santas who must be trained on flight paths all across the globe, and over a million temporary department store santas. Half-elf and half-human, Santa handles everything from pushy consultants to media reports of UFO sightings, from takeover bids to factory production rates and reindeer that refuse to fly. Despite these issues, though, Christmas appears to be a well-oiled machine.

But the machinery is breaking up. The first cracks appear when Mrs. Claus abandons Santa to a business that's eaten up his life. Isolated and threatened by his human Board of Directors, he vents his feelings both to his shrink, Dr. Id, and to his admin, Roxy. What he doesn't know is that conniving elves scheme to kick him out of his own company. In seeming disregard for the magic that constitutes Christmas, this trio ­ clever Oiler, suave Silvertongue, and immense mastermind Groomer ­ plan to "convert" reindeer into food, sell the ranches, merge with Easter Industries, and give both Santa and EI's Rabbit the boot.

Other elves and half-elves fight to save the magic of Christmas. Some can see the impending disaster, while others find themselves caught up in a purpose beyond their understanding. Gardner and Mats, key executives, use their threatened power to resist the malicious plot unfolding all around them; Halter and Spinner, Doll Operations managers, struggle against ever-increasing production targets; Kelly, ex-admin to Silvertongue, is sent to Sweden on a dark and frightening mission; and Tracer, clumsy half-elf trainee, finds himself in a position that can turn the very levers of all that Christmas means.

When Santa is ousted from his business, he faces the most profound choice of his long life: stay away and let the business wander, or fight his way back against forces locking him out? Cut off from his company, his struggles take him to Sweden, England, and the USA, as he desperately searches for a way back into the business he knows will destroy itself without him. But through his long journey, he must confront his own demons, flaws that have caused him to lose his way, his magic, his beloved reindeer team, and his wife.

Told with both humor and high drama, Santa, CEO will take you across continents, into large cities and small towns, into factories and street carnivals, on jet planes and sleigh rides, on poky work wagons and wild speed-sled chases ­ a sweeping, swirling ride through a business world out of control, which is itself a reflection of the harried times in which we all live.


Wow! This was a fun book! It's a unique blend of literary styles that shows how the magic of Christmas can be poisoned with corporate greed. Santa, CEO has compelling story lines beautifully crafted into a novel that is hard to put down. This is no Christmas tall-tale but is a more Grisham-like story of a corporation that has lost touch with its roots. Highly recommended.
- Larry Cannell
Santa CEO is the BEST! Santa CEO is a delightful story about my favorite holiday -- turned business -- turned disaster! Everything is out of control...and he has lost the magic. Though the story is about the business of Christmas, the real story is about finding purpose.
- Polly Chevela



About the Author
David Soubly Michigan native David Soubly has worked in the corporate world for many years. When not writing, he enjoys creating piano music, working out, and tinkering with computers. Santa, CEO is his first novel, but not his first story about the grand old guy. He's currently working on his second novel.



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