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Love Merry-Go-Round by Sharlotte Spencer

Love Merry-Go-Round

by Sharlotte Spencer

148 pages
When you read Love Merry-Go-Round, you will find not only a savvy woman but a true survivor, extraordinare! It is an intriguing autobiographical story

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Category: Autobiography
About the Book
It is an intriguing autobiography. Seven marriages in all, four to a very covert operational genius (CIA). A distinct pattern of living on the edge of a whirling merry-go-round and once in a while getting the gold ring.

You will recognize many of her companions and incidently this book is rated with a big R.



About the Author
Sharlotte Spencer Sharlotte Spencer is a native of Southern California and divides her time living in Baja, Mexico, Maui, and Newport Beach, CA. At all times, the ocean and beach are close by



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