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The Older Cat: Recognizing Decline & Extending Life by Dan Poynter

The Older Cat: Recognizing Decline & Extending Life

by Dan Poynter

144 pages
Extend your cat's life. Memorialize your loss.

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Category: Health:Nutrition
About the Book

When Your Cat Slows Down

Sooner or later, every cat will die but you can improve both its quality and quantity of life. If you recognize decline early enough, your cat will live longer. This book will explain the choices you will face as your cat winds down.

You will discover how to

-Determine the real age of your cat.

-Recognize the early signs of decline.

-Slow the aging process and extend life.

-Improve the quality of life in the later years.

-Decide if you should put your cat down.

-Minimize the loss to your family and other pets.

-Make the choices between burial, cremation,
taxidermy, freeze drying and cloning.

-Memorialize your cat.

This book describes simple ways to help your cat live longer.
-Patricia Bragg, ND, Ph.D., life extension specialist.

Good, sound, basic information for cat owners.
-Tom Parker, DVM. Cobble Hill Animal Clinic.

This book will help caretakers of elderly cats make the right decisions and to be comfortable with those decisions.
-Michelle T. Bernard, BLAKKATZ Cattery.

Dan Poynter is an author, book publisher and skydiver who loves animals, especially cats. His late cat Cricket, made writing even more fun for more than 20 years.

If your cat does not eat for 2-3 days, irreversible organ damage begins.

Protect your cat now.

Get this book before you need it.



About the Author
Cricket was Dan's constant companion for more than 20 years; he began to wind down in 2001. Being a publisher, Dan looked for a book for guidance. Unable to find one, he researched and wrote it. The Older Cat is the result. Dan has written 116 books.



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