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I Ching: The Tao of Drumming by Michael L. Drake

I Ching: The Tao of Drumming

by Michael L. Drake

230 pages
A way of drumming the oracle to harmonize with change.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book

In this user-friendly interpretation of the I Ching, Michael Drake presents drumming as a revolutionary way to approach the ancient Chinese oracle. A blending of shamanic drum ways and Taoist philosophy, I Ching: The Tao of Drumming provides for the first time the rhythmic structure of the 64 hexagrams or potential human situations. Drum patterns derived from the hexagram images conduct the essence of each category of experience into a resonating current, giving it physical, mental, and spiritual impulse. Through the natural law of resonance, the drummer then embodies the qualities necessary to effect change or harmonize with change in any given situation. With clear explanations of each of the 64 hexagrams along with concise instructions and illustrations, the author reveals how fate can be shaped through drumming these simple rhythms. Whether an accomplished percussionist or a total beginner, the drummer can effortlessly create and change experience and help others do the same.



About the Author
Michael Drake is a writer, rhythmist, and ceremonial drummer of Cherokee descent. He is a member of the United Lumbee Nation and author of The Shamanic Drum. He has studied with master drummers from the Native American and Mongolian shamanic traditions. Michael lectures and gives workshops around the country.



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