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The Success Manual for Adult College Students - 4TH EDITION by Mike Doolin

The Success Manual for Adult College Students - 4TH EDITION

by Mike Doolin

346 pages
Strategies to finish college as a busy, working adult.

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About the Book
Thinking about going back to school?

It's NOT too late!

You're NOT too old!

You CAN work full time and get an education!

The Success Manual can help.

More than 7.5 million adults over 25 are in college right now. 2.5 million are over 30, 2 million are over 40! And you can be working toward your degree soon by following the comprehensive, clearly-written advice in the extensively revised 4th edition of this very popular book...a book that has helped thousands of adults return to school. It will help you too!

Here's what some readers say:

"This is about as good a book on this subject as you could want. Any adult thinking of going back to school should definitely read it."
- Dave T., Toledo, OH.

"The Success Manual for Adult College Students….a must read for any adult returning to education. I would encourage the offices of Admissions and Counseling at any college to recommend this to their returning students."
- Lisa B., Rochester, NY.

"After reading Chapter 2 I decided to order the book and I will be referring it to my instructor… I'm taking some online classes (39 years old with two kids under 2…). Most thought I was crazy. Your book will legitimize my plight. Many thanks!"
- Linda R., Houston, TX.

This fourth edition of The Success Manual for Adult College Students is based on the author's own 15-year trip to a Bachelor's degree, in-depth interviews with dozens of adult college students in their 30s, 40s, 50s and older, with jobs, families and bills, plus extensive advice from college advisers specializing in adult students.

The Success Manual will help you:
* overcome your fear of being too old
* find the time to attend classes and study
* get college credit without ever sitting in a classroom
* make the right choice about online colleges and classes
* cut years off the time required to get a degree
* find the $$ to go to college
* go to college even if you never finished high school
* start at the school that makes the most sense for you
* choose the right courses
* pick the major that will get you through school in record time
* get the support of family and friends
* research colleges, programs and financing options
* discover your personal learning style to make it easier for you to learn
* handle day care issues
* deal with the college bureaucracy
* save money on books and supplies
* provide hundreds of links and references to more information

And much, much more!

If you've always wanted to go to college but didn't how you'd do that with a job, a relationship, a family and bills, get this book. It'll be the most valuable book you ever buy!

You can finish (or start) college as an adult. It's not too late. You're not too old. You can find the time, the energy, the money.

The Success Manual for Adult College Students can help. Order now.



About the Author
Mike Doolin Mike Doolin, thrown out of high school at 17, went to night school for 15 years to earn his Bachelor's degree, and he was working a full time job and raising a family when he did. At 56 he returned for his Master's, also as a part-time student.



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