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Clever Construction: Rigging Stuff To Make Cool And Useful Gadgets And Fun Gizmos by Alan Detwiler

Clever Construction: Rigging Stuff To Make Cool And Useful Gadgets And Fun Gizmos

by Alan Detwiler

133 pages
How to easily make curiosities, playthings, and practical items.

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Category: Hobbies
About the Book

Do you enjoy making gadgets and gizmos? This book provides instructions for making 50 projects. Most are useful items, some are artistic, all are clever and appealing. The book is for the 11 to 14 year old who has fun making homemade toys, devices and curiosities.

Most of the projects are made using common materials and items you probably already have around the house. Anything you need to purchase is inexpensive such as glue, a small styrofoam ball or paperclips. The tools needed are those most people already own such as scissors, hammer and pliers.

The time required to make most of these projects is between 15 minutes and 1 hour. A few items require around 2 hours. Over 150 diagrams and well written instructions adequately explain how to do each project.

Do you like to tinker and build? Do you want to create and make your own? Do you want to be impressed by your own ingenuity? Clever Construction was made for you.


article title

introduction -- making something is fun
city kite -- small, light weight kite
mock lantern -- a nice decoration made from paper
cloth covering -- add beauty by covering an ordinary object with cloth
paper wing -- a paper airplane that glides very well
bookmark -- so simple and works well
picture holder -- used to display 4 photos
clip mobile -- made from paper clips, it looks cool
card holder -- used to display Christmas cards
rope mat -- mat made from glue and rope
catamaran -- 5 inch boat from paper or foil
folded note -- nicely folded for privacy, size
5 pointed star -- cut from folded paper
wall display -- used to store and display small objects
whirlygig -- spins as it falls
straws & string -- fasten straws together to make shapes
string sphere -- a hollow sphere made of string
tooth pick ornament -- looks something like a porcupine
milk carton boat -- easy to make model sailboat
structures -- use junk to make something
tube whistle -- whistle made from a plastic tube
bulletin board -- it's just a piece of cardboard
book ends -- keeps books from falling over
paper cup -- make it from a sheet of paper
can displayer -- metal cans hold objects for display/storage
pen/pencil holder -- metal can is a place to put pencils/pens
biscuit bird feeder -- old biscuits can be bird food
ant jar -- ants can live in a jar
building circles -- using paper plates to build structures
hub and spokes -- a way to fasten toothpicks together
newspaper hat -- fold a sheet of newspaper to make a hat
hanging planter -- plastic bottle plant container
dollar ring -- fold a dollar bill to make a ring
paper box -- fold paper to make a small box with a lid
make an envelope -- need a envelope? Make one.
backpack -- make a backpack to carry stuff
sidewalk paint -- paint that washes away in the rain
bird feeder -- hang it from a tree to feed the birds
surprise -- makes an unexpected noise to surprise someone
terrarium -- keeps moss and small plants alive indoors
suet bird feeder -- use meat fat to feed birds
papier mache -- glue srips of paper together to make something
pleated chain -- strips of paper folded into a chain-like shape
spinner -- a simple, well performing pinwheel
cool box -- decorate a box to make it look good
pick models -- glue toothpicks together to make structures
heart puzzle -- bend wire to make a puzzle
dart/rocket -- make this to throw like a dart
model punt (boat) -- a model boat made by folding paper or foil
wall hanger -- make this for displaying small objects
bellows -- a clever, flexible structure made from folded paper
message -- building something is a gift to ourself



About the Author

Alan Detwiler grew up on a farm. Life on a small farm gives insight into the natural world, science and how things work. Alan came to believe that nothing contributed more to one's enjoyment of life than learning about the world and appreciating the beauty and complexity of all that is around us. In keeping with his high regard for reality based entertainment, Alan started Slickditty Software. That company produces content that encourages appreciation and wonder for the world and the great opportunities it presents to us.



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