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Facing The Wall: An Infantryman's Post-Vietnam Memoir by Phil Ferrazano

Facing The Wall: An Infantryman's Post-Vietnam Memoir

by Phil Ferrazano

256 pages
Vietnam veteran Phil Ferrazano battles PTSD and the Veteran's Administration.

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Category: History
About the Book

PFC Phil Ferrazano's heartbreaking tale of courage and redemption happened not in the jungles of Vietnam, but in the States twenty years after the war ended.

In 1988, Phil Ferrazano's visit to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial to honor his comrades of the 9th Infantry Division triggered a flood of repressed emotions and post-traumatic stress disorder with devastating results. He would spend the next ten years confronting his own anger, guilt and grief while battling the VA for the compensation and recognition he deserved.

During his journey he'd endure uncaring doctors, inscrutable rules, haphazard medical treatment, and shared the despair that drove many of his fellow vets to suicide. Phil Ferrazano's story is a testimony to the dauntless spirit and perseverance of all of America's veterans.



About the Author
Phil Ferrazano Phil Ferrazano served in VietNam with the 9th Infantry Division and was involved in the Cambodian offensive of 1970. He was awarded the Purple Heart as well as the Bronze Star for valor, the latter thirty years after he returned from Tan An.



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