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The Dragon Prophecies: Book One of the Return of the Dragons by M.T. Meiklejohn

The Dragon Prophecies: Book One of the Return of the Dragons

by M.T. Meiklejohn

266 pages
Cassie and her companions embark on a perilous quest to find the fabled Dragon Prophecies. To find their prize, the heroes must overcome many challenges, including breaking a curse and releasing all the trapped souls in a haunted city.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy:Dragons And Mythical Creatures
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About the Book
In the last age, Fanir, the oldest and wisest of the Knowledge Dragons, sealed himself and his last clutch of eggs within the protective casing of Diamond Glass. All other Dragons mysteriously vanished at that moment, plunging the land into turmoil and despair. The once-mighty Dragons slipped into the fabric of myth and legend, their tales woven into the very essence of the realm. However, the time approached when they would return and reclaim their rightful place as protectors and enlighteners of the land.

Cassandra, a Glassblower’s apprentice from a village deep in the marshes, is unexpectedly thrust into the world of Energy Wielders and Legendary Dragons. As she begins to understand her unique ability to sense the ebb and flow of the world's energies, her path converges with that of Adriana and Bolkin, emissaries from the fabled Azurite Tower. Along the way she discovers she is one of five powerful Energy Wielders who must come together to fulfill the prophecies. On the journey, Cassie discovers and makes friends with a Little Dragon, the first to be seen in over 1000 years. This convergence marks the beginning of her journey, not just to pave the way for the Return of the Dragons but also to discover her true self.

Together with her friends, Cassie embarks on a perilous quest to find the Dragon Prophecies, which hold the key to the Dragon's return. Their adventure is fraught with danger as they navigate treacherous paths, evade malevolent forces, and survive sinister energy attacks. Undeterred, the companions ventured into the streets of a forsaken city, its corridors haunted by the tortured souls of ages past. As whispers of ghosts echo through the derelict corridors, their resolve is tested when a vile curse afflicts one of their own. United in their quest, the devoted heroes devise a plan to lift the curse and liberate the spirits of the trapped. In the darkness of the forsaken city, they unearthed the coveted Dragon Prophecies, a beacon of hope for a world shrouded in despair.


"An epic adventure brimming with magic, mystery, and the triumph of courage against darkness."
- NewInBooks



About the Author
M.T. Meiklejohn owns Energy In Balance, an online business selling crystals and crystal jewellery. She resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia. She is an avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast, spending most weekends hitting the trails and exploring nature. Having spent the last fifteen years writing and expanding her knowledge through her website, she has now taken the steps to develop her writing and create her first fantasy series, ‘The Return of the Dragons’. Michelle's work is a transformative journey, intertwining her profound knowledge and creating a soul-searching experience. M T Meiklejohn's passion for travel and exploration is evident in her work. Having lived in the UK for four years, she developed a desire to see the world and experience different cultures. Her travels have taken her to over 40 unique countries, where she stopped, listened, and learned from the diverse cultures she encountered. Through her travels and work, she explored different areas of energy work, dealing with crystals, sound therapy, energy healers, shamans and psychics. This rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge is woven into her first novel, ‘The Dragon Prophecies’, the first book in ‘The Return of the Dragons’ series.



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