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Has Sido Marcado by JoAnn M. Cruz

Has Sido Marcado

by JoAnn M. Cruz

136 pages
This book is about what I had experienced in 2012, my faith and fidelity to Christ was tested. The enemy wanted to know if I really love God. When you learn to understand the love of God, there will be oppositions.

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Category: Religion:Christianity:Spiritual Warfare
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About the Book
Hi, my book is about how I was tested by the enemy to see how far I can handle my situation. The enemy really wanted to know if I truly loved God and I was put to the test. It was not easy because I felt I was trapped in my mind and that nobody understood what I was going through. My mind was like in a dark place and couldnít find a way out. Every time I tried to do the things Iím supposed to do in order to overcome my thoughts, it was hard. But I knew God didnít leave me and I had to use my faith like never before. The enemy was trying to convince me that God did not love me and that I was alone. I sometimes felt that way but itís normal because this life is to be lived by faith and not what we see or feel. I talk about my experiences and thoughts I had but I also talk how I overcame all of them(with prayer, worship and using the word of Christ). Sometimes we wonder why things like these happen to our lives but itís to make us a better person and to realize that we are not the only ones that go through these situations. It doesnít matter how long it takes to be healed, just donít give up and always trust God even if you donít see or feel Him. I had to really trust God and put my part, to get up and not stay on the floor.



About the Author
JoAnn M. Cruz My name is JoAnn, Iím a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to two beautiful daughters. Iím currently doing classes on mental health issues in order to have a deeper understanding on this situation. I was taught to help others when I can. I was raised in church with good values.



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