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Algérie Mon Amour: For Michael ThreeHats by David Michael Litwack

Algérie Mon Amour: For Michael ThreeHats

by David Michael Litwack

478 pages
In the desert, where the sun shines brighter and hotter, where sunlight is blinding, where shadows and water are expensive commodities, what begins as a seemingly typical telecommunications teaching assignment in Algeria, turns sinister.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Spies
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About the Book
Perhaps Harrison Hamblin should have known when that body hit the Land Rover’s hood. With a huge, unexpected thump. As it slid hesitantly off the hood, next hitting the road’s feeble rock barrier, and tumbling into the ravine.

Maybe he should have known what his colleague, the Navajo genius Michael ThreeHats, explained. “As my brothers the Apache's would have done. A warning. Turn around, leave our land, or meet our challenges.” Harry was naively eager to meet this latest test. So he has accepted the challenge of carrying unknown, probably contraband freight to his old stamping ground, Dar es Sabir (Door of patience). And putting up with the irritable band of Tuaregs who seem be trailing him constantly.

And other tests and challenges: Encountering excitable Tuaregs, odd, half-starved pygmies, Jean d'Argent his former manservant, now a successful entrepreneur, a past love and old friends and acquaintances in Dar es Sabir, now a newly declared city-state renamed the Republic of Independent People. The RIP is the fabrication of Wahid, the former revolutionary who conquered Sabir on the third try. And Harry even admired him as a kind of Robin Hood before this revolution.

But things had changed. Wahid had become tyrannical, potential foes were “counting dunes,” (a euphemism for summary execution), and his father's rumored lost treasure was foremost on his mind. Driving all his decisions. Bad ones.

Harry has acquired the name, passport and identity of a German arms dealer who was coincidentally his bunk-mate as he sailed to Algeria.

We also soon learn that Wahid is a practicing pedophile, that the reputedly honest judge has compromised his own integrity, and that the beautiful Amina (protagonist for three years in Harry's dreams), has married Wahid but has failed to bear him children. In the background lurks Alain, evil twin to Antoine, the former police chief.


When a young Peace Corps volunteer is recruited for a “second job,” we are thrust into a new heart of darkness—and light. A rich, thrilling LeCarre-esque journey into the tribal and geopolitical wars of 1960s Africa.
- Kenneth W. Davis, Professor Emeritus of English, Indiana University
An exciting historical thriller. This book blew my mind. Made me think. Made me question my beliefs and values. A thinking person’s spy thriller, full of moral and philosophical conflict which is compelling. I highly recommend Land of the Sun, Land Without Light...[and]... rate it a 9/10.
- Ingmar Albizu - Speculative Tertulia
An exciting historical thriller you don’t want to miss...
- Nicole Pyles World of My Imagination



About the Author
David worked in data communications taking assignments around Africa, Iran, and France. Then into writing, often exploiting his adventures abroad. He has short story and poetry publications as well as two books related to technology and two works of fiction in publication: Land of the Sun, Land without Light  and The Mystery of the Big Booger.



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