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City Park by Gaetano A. Cresci

City Park

by Gaetano A. Cresci

34 pages
Olivia loves her doll Sandy, but is having a hard time at the childrenís home she is living. She discovers a magical park, but something happens to Sandy. Itís a magical tale of losing everything, but making it back home again.

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Category: Children
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About the Book
Olivia is living in a childrenís home where the home mom isnít very nice. Her only friend and real family is her doll Sandy. Until one day she escapes to a magical park where she makes friends with all the trees and animals. They try to help her navigate her situation but then something happens to Sandy. It is a journey of losing what you love most but through the wonder of life and nature you still might find your way home.



About the Author
Gaetano A. Cresci grew up in San Diego. He loves to write and tell stories, and loved writing this book for his goddaughter.



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