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The Untapped Market: How to Make Money Writing for Real Estate Professionals by Isabel Fena

The Untapped Market: How to Make Money Writing for Real Estate Professionals

by Isabel Fena

94 pages
Start your own business writing and marketing for Realtors.

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Category: Writing:Freelance
About the Book

Ask yourself these questions:

+ Are you an experienced writer?
+ Do you want to stay at home to write?
+ Do you want to work for yourself?
+ Do you learn new things quickly?
+ Are you interested in a broad number of subjects?
+ Do you feel like you're being pigeonholed with your current writing and you want to branch out?
+ Do you have a flair for marketing?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions ­ or even better ­ several, you may have found a new career! This book will provide you with many of the tools you need to start your own real estate professional writing and marketing business.

You'll find in this book:

+ Proven ideas for products clients will be crazy about
+ Where to go to get inexpensive (free even!) desktop publishing programs
+ A state by state list of web links containing Realtor and Mortgage Broker names, addresses and phone numbers
+ Detailed instructions on how to set up your own web page and where to get dirt cheap domain names and web hosting packages
+ Never suffer from writer's block again! 75 different working titles you can turn into newsletter articles!
+ 7 marketing ideas you can pitch to clients as an "added value" service
+ How to market your own business
+ Where to find prospective clients
+ A list of more than 50 websites you won't be able to live without when writing articles.
+ Where to find the most accurate advice on dealing with your small business tax issues.
+ What to do about health care when you're self-employed
+ Why this sort of writing may not be for you



About the Author
Isabel Fena has been doing this type of writing for a while and has more assignments than she even wants. She must admit however it keeps her mother out of her hair because it actually sounds like a real job. And yes she writes in her pajamas, sometimes until as late as 9:00 if she\'s on a roll - or has a cold.



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