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The Girl With a Thousand Interviews by Giorgi Lebanidze

The Girl With a Thousand Interviews

by Giorgi Lebanidze

382 pages
From one catastrophic interview to a quest for 1000, Hina spins her failures into a lingerie empire, crafting a tale of humor, surprise, and self-discovery.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure:Women
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About the Book
Hina’s life takes a pivotal turn after one disastrously awkward job interview. Rather than bowing to defeat, she channels her frustration into an unexpected venture: launching a lingerie business. "The Girl with 1000 Interviews" is not just about the quirky business of fashion; it's a journey of resilience and audacity.

Hina sets an unusual goal for herself: to endure 1000 job interviews. This quest, stemming from her initial failure, becomes the backbone of a narrative rich in humor and personal growth. As she tackles each new challenge, Hina discovers that the world of entrepreneurship is as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

Throughout her adventure, Hina encounters a colorful cast of characters who challenge her perceptions and push her boundaries. From deceptive competitors to unexpected allies, her path is strewn with encounters that test her resolve and sharpen her business acumen. Each interview and interaction weaves a larger story of a woman learning to stand firm in the face of adversity.

As the stakes grow, so does Hina’s determination. The business world’s harsh realities clash with her vibrant creativity, leading to conflicts that draw her unwittingly into deeper waters. What begins as a light-hearted expedition through the realms of fashion and business gradually reveals itself as a more complex narrative, blending elements of thriller and mystery.

"The Girl with 1000 Interviews" explores themes of self-discovery, the relentless pursuit of goals, and the transformation of personal setbacks into opportunities for growth. Hina’s story is a testament to the power of persistence and the unexpected doors that can open when life’s plans go awry.

This novel is a unique blend of wit, suspense, and heartfelt drama. It invites readers into a world where everyday challenges are met with extraordinary responses and where a simple job interview can lead to a life-changing journey.


A laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery, this debut novel masterfully portrays one woman's uproarious quest for personal growth. A gem in modern women's fiction!
- David Sakvarelidze, Author, Love Me Twice



About the Author
From fashion wizard to decentralized systems enthusiast and underground subculture follower, Giorgi Lebanidze has lived many lives in one. His journeys—from boardrooms to behind bars—enrich his writing, capturing the essence of diverse human experiences.



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