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One Nation Under God: The Virtues That Made America by Jerry M. Roper PhD

One Nation Under God: The Virtues That Made America

by Jerry M. Roper PhD

176 pages
One Nation Under God, The Virtues That Made America tells true stories of how virtue contributed to America’s founding and growth as a nation.

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Category: History:United States
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About the Book
Virtues are the foundation of Western civilization. They are ancient. Their value and significance cannot be overstated. Virtues afford incredible beauty to the lives of all who practice them, and the society that honors, respects, and teaches virtue to each generation is a society that flourishes. Sadly in our rush into 21st Century modernism, America has overlaid our foundation of sturdy virtues with high sounding principles, seemingly noble but empty values, and an anemic Christianity. These are flimsy substitutes for wisdom, courage, hope, love, and all the other virtues that are the true foundation of America. In One Nation Under God, The Virtues That Made America, we will meet virtuous men and women, and hear how their stories contributed to the making of America. Certainly, we will meet some of America’s Founding Fathers, but we will also hear the stories of common everyday folks, whose virtue is the mortar that binds together the nation’s foundation. It’s time for a new generation of Americans to hear these true stories and know that the virtues made America.



About the Author
With a doctoral degree in chemistry, Dr. Roper's professional career was spent as a research scientist and executive in the chemical industry. An active church member, he has taught numerous Bible studies and is an elder in the Presbyterian Church USA. He is married, a father, and a grandfather.



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