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Miracles in the Mundane by Laura Hicks

Miracles in the Mundane

by Laura Hicks

116 pages
A collection of short stories from the ranch in western South Dakota.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Have you ever wanted to spend the day in the saddle helping move cattle?

Or maybe help out during lambing season on a ranch?

Well, come along for some grand adventures on the Hicks Ranch in western South Dakota.

Youíll be transported through this collection of short stories to a place full of wildness and wonder. Where time feels frozen and the advances of society donít spoil it.

Where the hills and canyons are dotted with pine trees and the smell of freedom and where the elk and buffalo still roam.

Make sure you watch your step as the rattlesnakes are plentiful out here but so are the good times!

My prayer is that these ranch stories will help you feel a connection to the land and a way of life that is hard to see from the road. All while learning a few lessons that Jesus taught me through the years from it as well.


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About the Author
Laura, along with her husband and family, raise cattle and sheep on their South Dakota ranch. She is actively involved in her church, youth ministry and Bible Study group. She loves to write about ranch life, training stockdogs and the lessons sheís learned from God through it.



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