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Love by Deception by Chastity Weese

Love by Deception

by Chastity Weese

118 pages
Kayla and Sandy have been best friends since they were little. Sandy now leads a life of disarray and Kayla doesn't agree with it. When tragedy strikes Kayla's' life, she could never imagine who is behind it all.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Crime
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About the Book
Kayla and Sandy are best friends. Kayla lives a pretty boring life. She is a nurse practitioner and just left an abusive relationship. Watson, the abusive ex, will never leave her alone. He is obsessed with her, plus he knows her dirty little secret so there is no escaping him.

Sandy lives a lifestyle that Kayla doesn't agree with. She sleeps with married men for money. Kayla is always worried something bad is going to happen to her. There has been a homicide in the area which makes Sandy nervous about it only because of the life she leads. Kayla chooses not to think much about it.

Kayla's ends up inheriting a house that she had no idea about and has to think long and hard about selling it or moving to it. She and Sandy visit the home and Kayla falls in love with it and decides to move there. She keeps her job and travels to work, wanting Sandy to move in with her.

Kayla meets the attractive sexy farmer named Trevor that lives down the road who seems to be the man of her dreams. Kayla is hoping that Trevor never has to encounter Watson, but that all becomes a reality one morning picking up her car from a bar the night before. Trevor and Watson don't play well with each other leaving one in a coma.

When tragedy strikes Kayla's life, she is mortified and devastated. Not knowing the biggest betrayal is yet to come.



About the Author
Chastity is an American Author. She is a devoted mother, grandmother, and wife. She has a passion for writing fiction and has published several nonfiction short stories. She has also rescued the lives of many animals. In addition, she loves to drag race her 2010 SS Camaro.



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