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So Gunther Called Him Elf Man: A Grass Clan Curse by W. J. Hein

So Gunther Called Him Elf Man: A Grass Clan Curse

by W. J. Hein

382 pages
Part science fiction, part mystery, part history, ďSo Gunther called him Elf ManĒ is a dark story of evil. One Gunther is a prisoner of fate: born of a family whose violent deeds have attracted the attention of an alien.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Crime And Mystery
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About the Book
A novel of the supernatural and the evil that men do, spanning centuries and two nations. A story that blends the genres of science fiction, history and mystery.

Set during the contagion of COVID in 2020 in Southern California, it tells the story of one Gunther, the tragic arc of his life, and his efforts to unravel what he believes is a curse on himself and his ancestors from Germany.

It is a tale of a sinister alien Gunther calls the Elf Man, who may or may not exist other than in the mind of Gunther. Is the Elf Man real, or the product of Guntherís paranoia? Is there a psychological explanation buried in Guntherís past?

Backstories describe Guntherís life and the life of Guntherís Father, Heinrich, a secretive ex prisoner of war who emigrated to the United States after World War 2.

In Southern California history Charles Mansonís Spahn ranch, a religious cult in Box Canyon, a movie set in Simi Valley, a nuclear accident, in the Santa Susana Hills, a plane crash and a train wreck figure in the life of Gunther.

In Germany, Freiburg and Nuremberg in the World War era illuminates Hitlerís Reich. A tragic encounter with a Rabbi and his son that reverberates through time. The intersection of the multiverse. A journey to the future. The mystery of one manís existence.



About the Author
William Hein holds a bachelor's degree from Central Connecticut State University and a master's degree from the University of Southern California. William is retired and currently resides in Southern California, and part time in a small town in Washington State.



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