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In The Shadow of Sugarloaf by Jack James

In The Shadow of Sugarloaf

by Jack James

244 pages
In the early 1900s, Arkoal, Arkansas is a coal-mining community with little else to keep the people busy. But Kenny, Davy, and Ned somehow find plenty to keep themselves occupied...and in harm's way.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Life in Arkoal, Arkansas, is centered around coal mining in the early 1900s. Young boys and men are expected to work in the Piney Creek mine to provide for their families. The danger in the deep mine shafts has taken the lives of many over the years. Mine bosses do little to ensure the safety of the workers and care even less about what might happen to them, just as long as the mine stays working.

With Sugarloaf Mountain in the background, best friends Kenny, Davy, and Ned find or make adventures at school, church, and all around the small town in south Sebastian County. There is mischief to be made and mysteries to solve.

With the threat of unionizing the coal mines, lives change quickly for everyone in Arkoal. Disaster, strikes, murders, and fighting turn this little-known town into front-page news, meaning that Kenny, Davy, and Ned have to grow up quickly in the wake.



About the Author
Jack James Jack James is nearly a life-long resident of Sebastian County, Arkansas. He earned a BSE in Secondary Education, majoring in Social Studies. He taught at St. Joseph Catholic High School in Conway, Arkansas, and at Lavaca Middle School in Lavaca, Arkansas. Jack was the editor and reporter for The Sentry, a small hometown paper, and is currently the curator at the Military Road Museum, active in the local Chamber of Commerce and Senior Center, and in his church.



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