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Infected: Secrets from the Medical Underground - How You Can Prevent and Treat Any Infection - SECOND EDITION by Ralph La Guardia MD

Infected: Secrets from the Medical Underground - How You Can Prevent and Treat Any Infection - SECOND EDITION

by Ralph La Guardia MD

316 pages
Infected: Secrets from the Medical Underground will teach you how to prevent and treat any infection you may encounter. Learn how the different types of infections affect different parts of the body, and how to prevent and cure them.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Alternative Medicine
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About the Book
Infected: Secrets from the Medical Underground is Dr. La Guardia's first installation in this series, and an extension of his substack writings under

There is no other book available that is so comprehensive, and easy to read for both the layman and the medical professional.

The book's subtitle tells it all: How to Prevent and Treat Any Infection. From head to toe, every system/area of the body that can be infected is covered. With each chapter, I first teach you the anatomy of that system and then what kind of infections you may contract, and finally how to treat them with many options, all of which are over the counter and do not require any prescriptions.

In each section I also teach you how to optimize your health and boost your immunity in order to prevent any infection. Prevention is covered in great detail, making your immune system impenetrable to bacteria, fungi and viruses of all types.

You will learn about what Dr. La Guardia has named "the Gang of Seven". These are seven nutrients/minerals/vitamins that supercharge your immunity, creating a wall that all types of microbes cannot penetrate.

You will learn the secret to taking vitamins correctly, and why so many patients make critical mistakes that make their vitamins worthless.

Dr. La Guardia will teach you the origins of cold, flu, and coronaviruses such as COVID19, and their vulnerabilities, in order to prevent them and cure them quickly and without prescription medications.

Dr. La Guardia's writing style is open and easy to read, with descriptions of all the medical terms used that make it clear for everyone, regardless of your medical knowledge. His chapters are easily read, informative, and witty.

After reading Infected: Secrets From The Medical Underground, you will have all the tools at your fingertips for maintaining the health of you and your family without the necessity for doctors visits.



About the Author
Ralph La Guardia MD Dr. La Guardia is a functional medicine physician with four decades of practical experience, he is triple specialized in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics and Geriatrics who combines alternative medicine and mainstream medicine into a very effective medical model.



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