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Idaho Wild by Jerry Davies

Idaho Wild

by Jerry Davies

474 pages
John Pough packed his pickup with construction equipment and called his dog Bartley to get in. He kissed his wife and hugged his son. He got in the pickup and backed down the driveway. That was the last time his wife and son saw him.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
John Pough, owner of Pough Construction, Huxley, Idaho, has many construction sites all over Idaho. One day, like any other day, he and his dog, Bartley head out to visit one of the construction sites. That particular day however, they do not return. His wife Sarah and son Tim thus begin a state-wide search that involves local police and private investigators. Tim and his friends even start a search of their own. This leads to mysterious country roads, odd lights in the night sky and twists and turns that seem to bring about more questions than answers.

The reader meets hijackers, kidnappers, a treasure hunt and more in this intriguing and suspenseful story with a surprise ending.


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About the Author
Jerry Davies Davies began as a political and investigative TV reporter. He worked as a press secretary to an elected official then a media and communications executive in a career that spanned 35 years. He appeared in commercials and films, and wrote commercials for radio and television. This is his third book.



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