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Timothy Adventures: Spirits from the Past by Donna Deines

Timothy Adventures: Spirits from the Past

by Donna Deines

64 pages
Timothy is so excited to spend his day camping, fishing and hunting for Indian artifacts on the riverbanks. He wished on his red rock that he finds the rainbow gate and the young boy with the wolf to find the "Spirits from the Past!"

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Category: Children:Adventure
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About the Book
Timothy is around 10 years old, with sandy hair and blue eyes, standing by his favorite old oak tree with his young puppy, named Blackey. Timothy grandpa told him a story about a young boy, about Timothy age that saved a young gray wolf that jumped through a rainbow gate. Timothy wished he would find the rainbow gate and the gray wolf. Around midnight at the campsite, everyone was sound asleep, and everything was quite inside the Hugh white tent. The remarkable red rock joins Timothy in his dreams in adventure, fantasy and magic about a young boy and a young gray wolf that was caught inside a thick thorny bush. The young gray wolf jumped through a rainbow gate and disappeared in a green mist. Timothy meant a man named Samuel and the golden eagle soaring above Samauel. Samuel warned Timothy to be aware that animals change to different form and fool you and Blackey would be in danger, and his puppy would stay with Samuel. Samuel looked at Blackey and told Timothy was born with good spirits with trust in humans.

Timothy adventure lead him into danger with a silver red fox that trapped him in a dark damp cave. The white gem zoomed inside the cave to save Timothy. Timothy learned that a fox is cunning and sense fear of humans on weakness. Timothy moved up a steep path and saw a beaver trying to move a log into the river and there was no path to cross the river. Beaver asked Timothy for help to push the log in the river to protect his family from the storm coming their way. Timothy helps the beaver and shows Timothy the path to cross the raging river. They helped each other in a danger raging river. A young women turned to Timothy and saw Blackey with Timothy. She told Timothy was the mother of the young gray wolf standing beside his father in front of the gate. The mother and her son transformed into gray wolves and vanished in the distance with the young boy that saved the young wolf with the pack of wolves. Come along with Timothy Adventure and find the Spirits from the Past.


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About the Author
Donna Deines holds a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and spent 23 years of Armed force. Donna's dreams through her young life came true as a writer and author to share her thoughts with the young readers.



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