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Davey B Wild: The Boy Who Said No by Freya King

Davey B Wild: The Boy Who Said No

by Freya King

28 pages
Davey B Wild has a bad attitude! He only wants to do what he wants. When anyone asks him to do something, he screams NO! One day, Davey takes it way too far and finds himself in a world of trouble. Will Davey find his way home?

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Category: Children:Life Lessons
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About the Book
Davey B Wild is a little boy with a big attitude!

Anytime anybody asks him to do something, like eat his dinner, pack away his toys, or line up with his classmates, Davey refuses. He just shouts, “NO!”

As Davey grows more and more stubborn, his body grows more and more disgusting. His teeth grow rotten from refusing to brush them and his nails turn grimy and gross from playing in the forest all day and refusing to wash them.

Davey refuses to go to school and runs away instead, leading to hysterical consequences. Davey gets everything he wants but it’s not what he wanted at all. Davey needs to find his way out of this mess that he made, and he learns a valuable lesson along the way.



About the Author
Freya King is a creative writer, mother of two, and primary school learning support teacher. She has won awards for her writing in comedy, horror and drama, but her favourite genre is children’s fiction. Her stories contain memorable characters, riotous adventures, playful language and a message with heart.



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