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Universal Guide to a Healthy Selfish Relationship/Partnership by Raymond Robert Kopakowski

Universal Guide to a Healthy Selfish Relationship/Partnership

by Raymond Robert Kopakowski

180 pages
This amazing book will show you how to use negative issues to build a strong relationship. It focuses more on prevention than repair. Learn how to value your partner and your happiness. Apply these principles. You'll never be alone again.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Without a doubt, it is the right time for this book. Young people, old people, gay people, lesbians, trans, interracial couples, etc. are all looking for the answers that are available in this book. The Universe seems to be telling people this information is out there. Just search and you'll find it.

The idea that treating relationships like partnerships works is because it requires two "equal" individuals working towards the health of their union together. The effects travel deep into the psyche or soul, which is welcoming to everyone.

This "Universal Guide" is a one-size fits all explanation of connectivity working towards your personal goal of happiness. You'll be partners first in everything you do. Your partnership will set the priorities and you will decide on a plan of action together to eliminate the pitfalls you have faced in previous relationships. This guide completes the cycle of learning, from issues to decisions, and to the final outcome - togetherness.

Having your weaknesses and strengths attended to by the person you love, while you are attending to their needs, will bring comfort, security, and balance in everything you do.

It's fun and easy to read because that's the way it should be. Read this book, and in the end you might find yourself in a wonderful relationship/partnership!



About the Author
Ray is a partnership coach, screenwriter and author. He loves life and people which is reflected in his vision and desire to help others. Ray and Janet, his life partner, reside in Phoenix, Arizona. They share 3 sons, a daughter and two grandchildren who call him Pop Pop.



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