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Third Millennium Leadership by Tim Masson

Third Millennium Leadership

by Tim Masson

116 pages
Outstanding book to develop leadership and management skills in you.

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Category: Business:Management
About the Book

As we start the new Millennium it is more important than ever that our leaders have the skills they need to succeed and excel in the new global market place. Status quo is no longer good enough. To stay competitive, companies have to continuously improve by cutting costs, improving quality, having a safer work place, and increasing productivity. One of the ways companies stay competitive and excel is to have well trained first and second line managers. Leadership is the most important aspect of increasing productivity, improving safety, controlling cost and being more efficient and effective.

To be effective, you have to be the type of person team-members want to follow and have the ability to build teams. Over the last two millenniums there have been hundreds of types and philosophies of management and leadership. I have found, over the last 20 years of research and a lot of trial and error, there are 11 key skills every effective leader, supervisor or manager must have to succeed and excel in the new millennium. Each one of the skills fits into one of two groups - Self-Improvement or Team-Building. The 11 key supervisor/management/leadership skills to be successful are Leader With An Attitude (Attitude), Communicate or Bust (Communication), Own Time or Time Will Own You (Time Management), Living Outside The Box (Creative Thinking), Smelling The Flowers (Taking Time To Enjoy Life), Working Together To Excel (Team Work), Don't Do It All (Delegation), Coaching Tips For Every Team Leader (Coaching), It Will Hurt Me Worse Than It Hurts You (Constructive Discipline), Mutt Dogs Make the Best Pets (Adapting To Situations and Personnel), and Controlling Things You Can Control (Controlling Your Areas).

We will break each of the 11 key leadership skills down into easy step by step methods that build on each other, and give you examples of how each one of these skills helped others just like you to become better managers, supervisors, and leaders. We will show you how to replace poor habits with good habits. You will have to simply adapt them and apply them to your situation. When you apply these techniques, your job will become easier. Your department will enjoy coming to work, and perform better. Your productivity will increase, and you will have a much better chance for promotions and pay raises you deserve.



About the Author
Tim Masson has 15 years experience in manufacturing and training management. He develops underachieving work groups and transforms them into high performing teams. As an Army Reserve officer Major Masson has spent two tours leading troops in combat. A Masters degree in management supplements Tim's hands on experience.



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