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ONE LAST KISS by Robyn Chawner


by Robyn Chawner

428 pages
Devon Ramsay and Stephen Rossmore are joined in business, bound by love, and then torn apart by deception - but which of them will overcome the effects of being jilted at the altar?! Or will their tempestuous love affair end with one last kiss...

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Category: Fiction:Romance
About the Book
Stephen Rossmore is used to getting what he wants. After all, he's built up one of the most powerful shipping empires in all of 19th century New York. But he more than meets his match in Devon Ramsay, a woman ready to defy society in order to take her place at the helm of her family's business.

Devon thought she was prepared for any challenge, but she's never met a man who could so inspire and infuriate her like the handsome and enigmatic Stephen Rossmore. They match wits and intelligence, laughter and passion, but their plans for a future together quickly run aground.

Joined in business, bound by love, and then torn apart by deception - who will be able to overcome the effects of being jilted at the altar?! Or will it all end with one last kiss ?


Chawner has an amazing talent for depicting her characters' emotions... Devon and Stephen's love is made of the kind of happiness that makes you catch your breath, and the kind of pain that makes you want to turn your head, avert your eyes and turn the page for resolution.
- Romance Communications (J. Izatt)
In ONE LAST KISS, Robyn Chawner writes with a graceful pen that entrances readers with her eloquent use of the written word. She has a distinctive and wonderful writing style. Her story depicts strong characters with a sense of humor and a desire to find the love of a lifetime.
- Romance Reader on the Run
This is an emotionally charged story with terrific highs and lows... This is a book I wouldn't have wanted to miss.
- Romance Communications (M. Jacobs)



About the Author
Robyn Chawner Robyn Chawner is the author of the historical romances ONE LAST KISS and A PASSION AFLAME. A self-employed commodities trader, she enjoys writing novels and is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Published Authors' Circle at WordMuseum. She earned an MBA from Northeastern University as well as a BA in Economics and an AA in Humanities from New York University. An avid equestrienne, she competes in showjumping. She currently resides in New Jersey, the area in which she was raised, and Essex, England. Robyn's husband, Peter is a physical therapist and the couple have a son named Brandon.



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