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Let's Run Our Schools Together by D. J.  Mathews

Let's Run Our Schools Together

by D. J. Mathews

104 pages
What does it take to prepare today's children for the future? Is it as simple as just putting them on the bus? Here is a guide to helping parents, teachers, principals, and even school board members excel and benefit kids.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Are you a frustrated parent? Would you like to know the duties of not just parents, but also teachers and administrators when it comes to the education community? Can you prepare your child for their best future?

In "Let's Run Schools Together" you can learn a few secrets on how schools are run or should be, by a parent and journalist who attended many a school board meeting. As the wife of a teacher I also learned about all the power administrators have. We should be kinder and more supportive of our teachers.

But parents are "also" teachers and you can prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. Could you use some tips on that, and ways to reinforce what they learn in school (which isn't by living on social media like TikTok or Facebook)? These pages will assist and hopefully inspire you to ready your child for school.

If you don't have a child in school, you can also learn how to run for the school board and improve communication in your education community. The future can be brighter. Get involved.


I found it very interesting.
- Maureen Reuwer


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About the Author
Ms. D. J. Mathews is a writer, author, mother of three sons, concerned about improving public education in America. She is also a Master naturalist. Find more of her writing at or her "writerdjmathews" website.



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