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Journeying Home by Barbara Kilde Carlier

Journeying Home

by Barbara Kilde Carlier

240 pages
Brittany, France, in a future time. The lives of two women who have had losses, traveling at different times and seeking a better life in Mont St. Michel.

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Category: Fiction:Dystopian
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About the Book
In a future Brittany, Elin and Talla, the main characters, take parallel pilgrimages from the extreme west to their destination, Mont St. Michel. For both of them, it is a growing experience.

Talla leaves her town after her grandmother's tragic death to find her aunt she has never met. The town's people don't trust her and think she has run off with her grandmother's inheritance that doesn't just belong to her. This inheritance is plastic bags which in this time are valuable treasures. Two young cousins follow her. Talla is alone and afraid until she meets up with Fen and his young sister Darling, both walking east. Fen has a treasure, too, books that belonged to his father. The three decide to continue their journey together, although Darling, at first, is suspicious of Talla. The walk is long and sometimes dangerous. Fen is separated from the two girls for several days, and Talla and Darling must learn to get along and work together to survive. They manage but are happy when Fen finds them again. Continuing their journey, they avoid other people when possible. Unfortunately, Talla's cousins are still following her. The trio follows the northern boundary of Brittany, staying fairly close to the coast. They meet Lance and are introduced to the Arthurian legend. Later, they help a grumpy man living alone who offers Darling a dog. Darling is ecstatic, but Fen is reticent. Just before arriving at Michelmont, tragedy spoils the end of their journey. Talla finds the aunt she was hoping to find at Miklemont.

Elin leaves her home, also, after a tragedy. The man she was to marry died suddenly and her life seemed to be over. She first stops on her way east to visit an old friend, Rozenn, who is pregnant and waiting for her husband to return. Elin stays with her friend until the baby is born and the husband returns. Her visit over, Elin sets off for Miklemont (Mont St. Michel), and a new life begins for her. She becomes a companion to an invalid woman who teaches her herbal medicine. Later, as she wanders in the fields around Miklemont, she meets Leyla. Mona and Leyla were once friends but became rivals. Elin learns from both of them and in time she discovers the reason for their disaccord. They were in love with the same man. As the years pass, Elin finds her place in the workings of the Mont. She meets Jon. He becomes a perfect friend and something more, although she has difficulty forgetting her long-lost love. When Talla arrives, they are reunited - Elin is Talla's aunt. Talla has found family, and Elin has the chance to find in Talla a renewal with her family she left on bad terms so long ago.



About the Author
Barbara Kilde Carlier lives at the very tip of Brittany, France where the sea is omnipresent. She finds that the Mont St. Michel on the Brittany/Normandy border is a fascinating place. She has lived in many different European countries, discovering and learning about the culture, language, music, and literature.



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