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The Grandfathers' Promise by Michael Strong

The Grandfathers' Promise

by Michael Strong

388 pages
Discover a modern society dominated by a Caucus of seven evil men and the hero who helps bring about their downfall.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
During the post-WW2 period, change came about swiftly. Money, opportunity, and jobs were available for most who wanted to benefit. However, there were those in society who still played race against race and country against country. During a challenging time in 1958, much would happen, and an evil secret Caucus of seven men became formed to influence and control an ever-changing modern society.

Over many decades, this secret Caucus built its domination, success, and financial strength through strategic partnerships and streams of well-calculated decisions that only benefitted them. Whether the benefits gained were by peaceful means or subtle barbarism.

The name applied to this seven-person Caucus was—The Grandfathers.

The Rebel Brigade denounced everything The Grandfathers represented, fighting in vain for many years against the brutal consequences of The Grandfathers' calculating, self-serving interests. Often, in the dark-of-the-night, silent raids by The Effectuators, The Grandfathers' loyal and elite Police Force, would punish the Rebel Brigade and their sympathizers, dragging them off to secret Stewardship Farms and Detention Centers, for re-education before releasing them back into a changing society.

The struggle continues until a man who once served The Grandfathers and now seeks revenge for lives lost and promises broken unwittingly becomes a driving force for justice. But can this reluctant stranger bind together a tattered Rebel force? Or must he first continue his struggle to discover redemption from his past sins?



About the Author
In 1972, Michael Strong graduated with a Photojournalism Degree from Mesa Arizona State College. Within days he started his first freelance job with Empire State Global News. His first assignment would define his entire 40-year career, reporting using photography, on The Rebel Brigade's long struggle against The Grandfathers' world domination.



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