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The Calling by DL Snider

The Calling

by DL Snider

118 pages
This is a tale of a woman who lost everything and is now on the brink of suicide. A man that has everything except what he wants the most. Can God bring them together and will he save her, or does she save him?

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Christian
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About the Book
He was sitting in his apartment and thinking, could there really be a woman he could share his life with, that did not look at him with dollar signs in her eyes! He had had many girlfriends, but when he cut them off, they became angry and filled with entitlement. He pleaded with the Lord for help, there was not a woman in his circles that did not know who he was and what he was worth. There were a few that had their own wealth, but they did not interest him.

She had just finished college when her parents were killed in a car accident. She had no money, lost everything including her parentsí house. God had cut her off at every turn. She finally became so destitute that she had to live under a bridge. Now she was contemplating suicide; she told God, she could not do this anymore.

Might God tangle their live together! Who really needs saving the most, Caleb or Beth? Can God mold their lives in such a way that he could use them! Would Caleb really go to South America, leave his wallet at home and depend on the church? Will they minister to the people around them and even bring a brother and sister back together?

Join their journey as God intervenes and their lives unfold into a beautiful blossom. The mysterious ways that God works in the lives of Caleb and Beth will warm your spirit deep within the core of your being.


- Jessica H.
This is an easy to read, inspirational romantic journey that keeps you engaged and wanting more. Its heartwarming to see how God works in the lives of a young couple.
- Cindy
I love how the author uses real life situations to incorporate important Christian morals and values into the story. It's a sweet and beautiful love story.
- Rita



About the Author
DL Snider Hi, my name is Darren Snider. I was born in North Texas, we moved to S.E. Texas when I was five, and I have been here ever since. In my early twenties I got my EMT-P, then I went on to get my RN and BSN.



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