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The Long Weekend by Lynn Wyatt

The Long Weekend

by Lynn Wyatt

252 pages
Alaskan wilderness fly-in adventure turns tragic when severe weather closes in. Extreme danger, injury and hardship they struggle to survive. Stumbling through the storm, they discover wonders beyond their belief and imagination.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
After helping rescue passengers from a float plane crash in Anchorage Jim and Ronnie are having a beer at the local pub when an old bush pilot gives them a hand drawn map to a secret lake deep in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. It’s late October but the lakes are still ice free and the weather looks good, so they decide to fly out over the weekend for one last float plane trip of the year.

The lake is beautiful and serene. The fishing is fantastic. An evening around the campfire with fresh grilled fish and Jim Beam, the Norther lights dazzling the sky, and more stars than imaginable. A lone wolf howls in the distance…It doesn’t get any better than this. Time for bed.

They awake to a howling, blinding snow storm and freezing temperatures. This is the beginning of their incredible struggle for survival in one of the most remote unforgiving areas on the continent.

Encountering hardships, danger, injuries and suffering. Pushing themselves beyond their physical limitations where others would have given up and perished. Never ending adversities threaten them daily until they finally reached the end of their strength and resolve.

Lying in the cold snow barely able to move they are confronted by something so amazing and fantastical they question their own sanity. Something that could not be.

This is barley the beginning of the hardships yet to come as they confront challenges of unbelievable magnitude to get back home. This is a story of hardship, strength, determination, skills, challenges, friendship, fantasy, and the acceptance of things that could not possibly be.

Did they make it? Could you?


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About the Author
Lynn Wyatt Lynn Wyatt was a mechanic/engineer for Flying Tiger Airline, became a bush pilot in Alaska for twelve years and later for United Technologies (UTAS) as an aerospace engineer. He holds ATP, SES, SEL, MES, MEL, CFI, AGI, A&P ratings. He lives in Idaho with his wife, Mendi.



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