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D.A.R.C. Imminent Threat by Dennis Collins

D.A.R.C. Imminent Threat

by Dennis Collins

410 pages
Imminent Threat is a fast paced action thriller. A Middle Eastern Corperation moves to acquire a new Nanorobotic Technology by any means possible. It's up to Michael Tagtmeyer and his D.A.R.C. Organization to neutralize the Hostile threat.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Espionage
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About the Book
Professor Giovanni, an associate within D.A.R.C., performs a procedure that saves TAG's life. TAG feels the professor has overstepped their agreement in regards to experimental research boundaries. To avoid further tension within D.A.R.C., the professor takes tenure at Dresden University to continue his research with nanorobotic technology. Professor Giovanni eventually discovers a way to enhance a nano procedure by remote switching. This breakthrough will directly change all areas of applied medical science and medicine. This research soon draws the attention from several governmental and private entities. It's not long before MI6 comes knocking on D.A.R.C.'s door informing them of the professors possible kidnapping. What comes to light as the action unfolds is that a hostile Middle Eastern corporation, along with a private mercenary agency, will do whatever it takes to acquire the professor's discovery. Their control of this technology has the potential to be worth more than their oil reserves within their country. TAG and Dutch race headlong into an explosive chase that will take them from Dresden, Monaco, Corsica and Marseille. With the stakes this high, there's nobody better to tackle this mission than TAG, along with his D.A.R.C. team.

Strap in and hold on as Dennis Collins pulls you into the inaugural flight of D.A.R.C., a Michael Tagtmeyer series. This insight into the plausible future of nanorobotics will have you questioning what is real and what may be right around the corner.

There’s more on the way from this new author. Keep your eyes open for D.A.R.C. Blood Sanction (early 2024) and D.A.R.C. U398.


I was looking for a new author who could hand me action and intrigue on a silver platter. Collins nailed it with D.A.R.C. Imminent Threat. GIVE ME MORE!
- Peter Lewia, Author of the Ameron Chronicles



About the Author
Action and adventure have been author Dennis Collins’ passion throughout his music and general contracting careers. D.A.R.C. Imminent Threat is his latest expression of in-your-face creative legacy. If Dennis isn't on a construction site creating masterpieces for his clients with his general contracting business, he's delving into writing the next D.A.R.C. Novel. Get ready to strap in for a fastpaced adventure to the likes of Baldacci, Matthew Riley, Steve Berry, Gregg Hurwitz. He currently resides in Fishers Indiana with his loving wife, children and their two Wheaton terriers.



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