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Heirs of the Big Bang by William T. Beran

Heirs of the Big Bang

by William T. Beran

184 pages
This book unveils the journey of human evolution from single cell life to the trillion cell masterpieces we now are. It also examines the conscious and subliminal makeup of our behavior, and how this influenced our existence.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
You've probably had some interest in tracking your family tree back several generations or more. With currently developed gene editing techniques, scientists are now able to trace human heritage, as well as all life, back to our ultimate common ancestor who lived several billion years ago! This book unveils the transformative journey leading from Earth's earliest living single cell to the remarkable multicellular creature you see looking back at you in the mirror each morning.

Human's ultimate development that transformed us from just another ho-hum animal into the planet's supreme species is also examined, along with the effect this development had on other humans as well as other contemporary life forms. Our range of emotions and the ensuing motivation for action are analyzed with regard to our psychological self-interests. We discuss how, despite these strongly engrained self-interests, humans still regularly manage to produce what most would agree is unqualified altruistic behavior. We also see how our basic five senses provide us with a range of interest and pleasures beyond just their self-survival purposes.

We also examine our insatiable adventuresome spirit, which led to the colonization of the entire world and now spurs us to dream of migrating to other planets, as well as to live in orbit in outer space. The mesmerizing idea of producing robots in our own image, with even superior mental faculties, is also reviewed. We discuss why some of these goals and ideas appear totally fanciful, but also recognize that reality has often sprouted from what was once considered whimsical imagination.


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About the Author
Mr. Beran retired from the engineering and field work related to the offshore petroleum industry, but retained his strong, lifelong interest in biology and the earth sciences. The recent advances in the science of genetics have now piqued his interest in the origins of life, particularly that of humans.



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