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Did I Give You Permission To Run: Terror TV by Avatar Xeno Marcus

Did I Give You Permission To Run: Terror TV

by Avatar Xeno Marcus

226 pages
What Manny doesn't know is that the remnants of his prior military tenure to an off-the-books dimension are returning with a vengeance: gunning for both his slipping sanity and his now missing family.

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Category: Fiction:Horror
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About the Book
Manny thought he could forget everything that his military tenure in Echo Bay, Hawaii had thrown at him. An off-the-books quest into an exotic world inside of the television. The decade-long war that soon followed and the whispers of a mysterious "3-D Soldier" designed to turn the tide. Despite their heroism, an eleventh hour contingency was deployed seconds before annihilation and the mission was abandoned, leaving most of the soldiers trapped inside to face a horrible fate.

Now, having escaped back into our world with only survivors remorse to his name, Manny could only find comfort in despair. But something sinister has crawled out of the television and is looking for Manny...and revenge. Now with his family in unimaginable danger and the skeletons of a harrowing past strewn out for the world to seem Manny must find the strength to confront the nightmare within...before its too late.



About the Author
Another adventure down that old elevator eh? Down those catacombs of literary terror again are we? Good. Who better a tour guide than the Avatar? But be warned: this time the scares may hit closer to home than you realize...



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