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MAXIMUM UBI by Don Soards


by Don Soards

50 pages
Who do these corporations think will buy their stuff after they lay us all off? We need Maximum UBI to replace the consumer funding lost when machines replace human jobs.

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Category: Economics:Policy
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About the Book
We are concerned about too many human workers being replaced by machines. We should be. The harm we face goes far beyond the trauma faced by individuals who have lost their jobs to machines over past centuries. We are moving deeper into a condition of “Who do these corporations think is going to buy their stuff after they lay us all off?”. Our economy is getting smaller.

Fortunately, there is a way forward that will help all individuals and our society as a whole. First, we must understand the production parabola and its opportunities.

Section 1 What is the Production Parabola?
Section 2 What side of the Production Parabola are we on?
Section 3 What are our Opportunities?
Section 4 Legislation to implement UBI Progress Dollars
Section 5 Implementation Guidelines
Section 6 Universal Basic Income We can’t get it without Progress Dollars.

Implementing Progress Dollars will give us the maximum Universal Basic Income currently. UBI will rise with technological progress. This will be accomplished without significant inflation or raising any citizen’s taxes.


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About the Author
Don Soards Don Soards gives an engineer’s view of why labor-saving technology requires funding customers with Universal Basic Income.



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