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The Montagutesi: From Feudalism to Freedom by Joseph Morley, DC, PhD

The Montagutesi: From Feudalism to Freedom

by Joseph Morley, DC, PhD

704 pages
This historical novel covers the 15th to the 20th Centuries and explores the major historical events that shaped the character of the peasants from Montaguto, Southern Italy. It is a testament to a resilient people who refused to give up.

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Category: Fiction:Historical:Italy
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About the Book
The character of the Montagutesi men and women was formed over centuries in the crucible of war, feudalism, religious strife, the black death, political corruption, and banditry. A strong Catholic faith and family honor were important aspects of that character; they provided glimmers of hope in a seemingly hopeless world and kept the Montagutesi from total despair.

Follow the lives of members of real Montagutesi families (many of them related to the author) over the course of six centuries. Eventually, many of these family members saw only one hope for their future and that of their children; they made the difficult decision to emigrate to the USA.

The tragic events that kept the Montagutesi in poverty and hopelessness for centuries were widespread throughout Southern Italy. Thus, this historical novel will resonate with any descendant of a Southern Italian or Sicilian ancestor, or anyone valuing the escape from bondage.



About the Author
Joseph Morley is semi-retired and lives in Wheaton, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. He has published close to twenty scientific articles, but this is his first foray into writing a historical novel. His plan for the future is to write a historical novel about his Irish ancestors.



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