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Sailors of the Cloud Ships by David Fooks

Sailors of the Cloud Ships

by David Fooks

410 pages
The explosive history of sailing ships, and the men, and women, who sailed them, witnessed the greatest changes that the world has ever experienced. The stories of the Age of Sail are far more interesting than what you learned in school.

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Category: History:Maritime
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About the Book
The Age of Sail wrought the greatest change to the world in the history of mankind; possibly until the Age of Space Exploration. From 1450 to 1850 the Western world experienced explosive and violent change, most of it brought about by the great sailing ships of the era, and driven by the personal ambition for power and riches in a handful of men and women, who in many cases didnít have a clue what they were getting into. Today, this exciting era receives just superficial coverage; names, dates and what was accomplished. But, behind these were real people, and digging into their lives can bring up startling facts:
  • Columbus spent much of his life as a pirate.
  • Magellan wasnít the first to circumvent the globe.
  • Horatio Nelson, Englandís greatest naval hero, suffered from violent seasickness.
  • Americaís most famous lightkeeper, recognized for saving as many as 32 drowning men over 52 years, was a woman.
  • Women served as crew in the British Navy, and fought alongside their husbands; a two-year-old boy served as a midshipman, and babies were born on Nelson's flagship during both the Battles of Trafalgar and the Nile.
  • The British monarchy financed and provided oversight for the largest slave transport company in history.
History can be humorous, surprising, and even shocking, and, it is anything but dull.



About the Author
David Fooks David Fooks is a sailor, folklorist, and storyteller. David worked for over 40 years in the study and promotion of American folklife and folklore. But his love is boats. He has spent his life on or about boats, and restored and sailed his own boats for all of his life.



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