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My Life in the Poetry Lane by George E. Valler

My Life in the Poetry Lane

by George E. Valler

132 pages
This is modern day, topical, varied poetry interlaced with the author's narrative. A book to appeal to all ages and covering a multitude of subjects. This diverse book will make you laugh, cry and read again and again.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
So you thought you'd never read poetry.

The author has taken from his library some of his best works and woven them into a narrative of snapshots in his life and to give you a 'coat of many colours'.

This is modern day, topical, varied poetry, interlaced with thoughts and observations directed at you, the reader.

This book will appeal to a range of ages. Poems that span time and subjects relevant to today's reader.

This diverse book will stir the emotions, make you laugh, make you cry and make you want to read again and again.



About the Author
The author is retired and lives in the UK with his wife of 49 years. He has several grown up daughters. He spends his time visiting his daughter in Perth, Australia, riding his quad bike and of course writing poetry.



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