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My Revelation...Stepping with Power by Cheryl E. Armstrong

My Revelation...Stepping with Power

by Cheryl E. Armstrong

36 pages
My Revelation...Stepping with Power is a short story about an event on this writer’s spiritual journey of self-awareness and awakening. She found her voice and reconnected to her Source in the year-long self-directed inquiry.

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About the Book
Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life's purpose? This writer asked herself those questions after recognizing that her functioning roles left an emptiness and a feeling of profound loss.

Cheryl Armstrong instinctively knew that changing jobs, attending a different spiritual center, reading another self-help book, and expanding her circle of influence still left her seeking more reflective meaning. Her path forward would be a concentrated and inward journey.

In the year-long self-directed inquiry, she found her voice and powerfully reconnected to her Source while doing the inner work.

This is a personal story of liberation, a celebration of knowing that being consciously aware is the foundational key to making intentional choices. In this awareness, the opportunity opens to help others do the same. She learned that consistently practicing self-love and self-care is the only way to provide authentic service from a place of overflow. Service is universal, but it begins with attending to one’s needs and loving oneself with compassion, patience, and care.

The seven growth practices she embodied on the self-awareness journey became a daily ritual and aligned her with her power and purpose. Dear Reader, join this writer, step into realization with power, and get into the feeling tone as you read My Revelation. Remain open and see what shows up as your revelation.

One of the joys of authoring her book is demonstrating deep gratitude in honoring herself, her ancestors, and her family's living matriarch, thanking her family and friends, and recognizing that the master teachers on her path were prolific. The seeds planted while embracing their teachings will benefit others for this and future generations.

The writer invites everyone to say a heartfelt Yes to oneself. What a dynamic way to live one's life: stepping into our authentic selves with self-love, power, joy, determination, and compassion. Everyone has the capacity, which begins with realizing and embracing the power within. Celebrate you!


My Revelation...Stepping with Power is a gem. I began reading this small book and couldn't put it down. It contains pearls of wisdom about living life joyously. The lessons the author shares result from her journey as a spiritual seeker, eventually leading to self-inquiry and self-love.
- ~ Jennifer Crumpley, LCSW-R
I was cheering her on while reading about her embrace of the power within herself and her determination to live from this power every single day. I don't doubt that readers who reflect on and practice these lessons will use them for a lifetime.
- ~ Jennifer Crumpley, LCSW-R
The energy of a fulfilled and compassionate human life flows through this book. As a spiritual seeker myself, my trust in the life-changing power of inner work is affirmed.
- Madeline Ebelini



About the Author
Cheryl Armstrong has over thirty years of professional experience in state government and non-profit service. As a personal development workshop creator and an ordained interfaith minister, she passionately inspires others to pursue their dreams. Cheryl holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology, M.Ed., and resides in SW Florida with her family.



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