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The Uncle Tales: Wisdom Stories for Children of All Ages by Lin Butler

The Uncle Tales: Wisdom Stories for Children of All Ages

by Lin Butler

32 pages
"The Uncle Tales" is as collection of short stories to help children consider some of Life's most difficult questions on freedom, choice, death, forgiveness, and Nature. Beautifully illustrated with five mandalas.

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Category: Children:Life Lessons
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About the Book
"The Uncle Tales: Wisdom Stories for Children of All Ages" is a book written and designed to help parents and children think and talk together about some of Life's more difficult questions like "What will I be when I grow up?", "When did I realize I was ME?", "What is the Soul? Do I have one? Does everyone have one?", "What do I say or do when someone hurts me? Do I have to forgive them? What is forgiveness, anyway?", "Why is math (or science or reading) so difficult?"

These five very short lessons are narrated by an "Uncle" who always seems to have a story for everything. But very often his stories tend to end in a question, rather than an answer.

There is an illustration in vivid color to accompany each of the five stories and engage the reader to consider the content, meaning, and significance of these lessons for him, her, or them. How does this story apply to my life?

Each of the illustrations is also a mandala, intended to point to the universal truth or meaning with in each story.

Additional material in the form of meditations or prayers are included for the reader to reflect on as they think about the content of these five wisdom stories.



About the Author
This is a "legacy" book written for his children and grandchildren, and for all other question-asking children and adults. He has been a community organizer, social worker, counselor, instructor, manager, and chaplain in his kaleidoscope of a career.



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