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Not That It Matters by John E. Budzinski

Not That It Matters

by John E. Budzinski

262 pages
Budzinski writes that he’s fascinated by the mundane and ordinary moments of life. In this collection of 63 short essays, he offers readers musings on a range of topics from the joys of giving gifts to the art of writing.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
“Life is full of tiny moments thrown together to create events worth remembering.” Most people miss out on these mundane, ordinary, and bizarre moments because they are so busy living, they never take the time to stop and notice them.

Not John E. Budzinski. He is an observer and storyteller. He not only stops and takes time to notice, but then he writes about them, too. For years the whimsical Budzinski has written about these moments with wonder, amusement, and bewilderment. For several years he chronicled his world in a column he penned in a New Hampshire weekly paper, writing about the commonplace moment, events, and items of his life.

The discussions included a variety of topics, such as dating, highway travels, funerals, clutter, and more.

Budzinski has gathered some favorite musings together in this book. He also included some new amusing and poignant vignettes written especially for this book. Those subjects include being stuck in the mud, being the aliens’ first contact, the joys (and frustrations) of gift-giving, and others.

Over 60 short essays and columns comprise the collection, grouped by topics such as Life on the Highway, Politics, Bewildering Society, and Clothing—The Naked Truth. Budzinski calls his essays “simple and uncomplicated yammerings.” Indeed, the author’s style is conversational and borders a stream of consciousness with humor embedded in all but the most serious subjects.

Not that it matters, but none of it is all that special. Still, aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to know, anyway? After all, don’t you think about these things, too? Isn’t your world just as weird and strange?

Budzinski’s world probably doesn’t matter much. But, just like you’re willing to tell us your stories, and we’re eager to listen, John E. Budzinski tells you about his world. Why? Because once you read his stories, you realize this. It does matter—to someone somewhere—someone like you.


Emphasizing the importance of appreciating that which makes life worthwhile, the pieces collected in John E. Budzinski’s Not That It Matters are celebrations of everyday experiences.

Not That It Matters is a collection of good-humored stories and essays whose topics are drawn from daily life.
- Michele Sharpe, Clarion review
The writer explores various topics, moments, and thoughts that have crossed his mind throughout his life. He presents a collection of short stories, most of which resonated with me and left a positive impression.
- Eva Nyaburi, Online Book Club
It’s not hard to imagine Budzinski’s loyal readers opening their newspaper with a cup of coffee at hand to peruse his latest column and share it with others around the kitchen table. While none are intended to solve the world’s problems, they make for a pleasant, relaxing read.
- Blueink Review


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About the Author
John E Budzinski is a storyteller who grew up in Stratford, Connecticut. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, he studied at Northeastern University in Boston, Temple University in Philadelphia, and others. An ardent traveler and accomplished photographer, he lives near Iowa City, IA, a UNESCO City of Literature.



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