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Particular Place and People by Linda Fine Hunt

Particular Place and People

by Linda Fine Hunt

146 pages
Linda grows up during the 1950s and 1960s in a Jewish community. It feels like Utopia. Now, another culture changes what is cherished, secure, and navigable. Leaving helped Linda understand her culture in the larger world.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The story spans 1954 to 1966. During this time, Linda lives in a neighborhood of 100 houses in University City, known as the Gates of Opportunity. She knows the names of all the homeowners. Just about everyone is Jewish. It is easy to feel a connection to her neighbors. They share a common culture and history.

Notorious for being the first vegetarian in her neighborhood at age five, Linda becomes a known individualist, quirky. She turns ideas into reality. Her religion taught her to question everything. She admires Louisa May Alcott and plans to be a writer herself despite her motherís plans for her to be a secretary and marry a lawyer. Her home life is topsy-turvy at times and Linda goes exploring to get away.

She is intrigued by a century year old stone mansion she sees from her front lawn and ventures there to explore a different place and culture. With the help of a librarian, she discovers several cultures and prominent people lived in that mansion over the last 100 years. She wants to understand the history and what happens when a culture replaces another. Why do current residents move when a new culture starts to occupy the land?



About the Author
Linda Fine Hunt Linda Fine Hunt grew up in University City, Missouri daydreaming about writing books. She earned degrees in English Literature, Occupational Therapy, Healthcare Services, and PhD in Physiological Optics. Her first book, Work and the Older Person reflects love of purposeful living. She worked in academia over 35 years.



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